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Articles from the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors' journal "Vital Link" from 2010 to 2014.

!Author Title Issue Type
Kaur Dharam Sat Dietary and Nutritional Guidelines for Cancer Prevention and Recovery 2014 Summer Vol21 (2) Research
Spooner Chris Mitochondrial Dysfunction: A Crossroads of Environmental Toxins and Cancer 2014 Summer Vol21 (2) Research
Lloyd Iva Psychological States Associated with Cancer 2014 Summer Vol21 (2) Practice
Kamphuis Keshia, MacDonald Jennifer, Sangiuliano Exposure of Toxins in Utero and Childhood Cancer Development 2014 Summer Vol21 (2) Research
Knee Christopher, Sweigard Kaeli, Urekar Robin, Qureshi Ayesha, Aggarwal Neha, Hession Andrea Commonly Prescribed Medications and Their Associated Cancer Risks 2014 Summer Vol21 (2) Research
Lloyd Iva Naturopathic Notes 2014 Summer Vol21 (2) Editor's Letter
Saunders Paul The Origins and Growth of Pharmacy Medicine 2014 Spring Vol21 (1) Editorial
Eichelsdoerfer Petra Commonly Prescribed Medications: Considerations for Naturopathic Physicians 2014 Spring Vol21 (1) Research
Batson Laura Beyond Reductionism: Systems Biology and Drug Discovery 2014 Spring Vol21 (1) Research
Hunt Angela Long Term Effects of Medication in Childhood 2014 Spring Vol21 (1) Practice
Bretz Kim Antibiotics and Dysbiosis 2014 Spring Vol21 (1) Research
Clack Scott, Trowell Stephanie, Corradetti Rachel Questionable Ingredients in Gluten-Free Foods 2013 Summer Vol20 (2) Research
McKinney Neil Inflammatory Bowel Disease Case Study 2013 Summer Vol20 (2) Case Review
Bone Kerry Key Herbs for Pain Management 2013 Summer Vol20 (2) Research
Hrkal Paul Traumatic Brain Injury: Natural Therapeutics and New Perspectives for Clinical Practice 2013 Summer Vol20 (2) Research
Klemm Natasha, Reitkop Shelly The Association of High Fructose Corn Syrup Consumption and Diabetes 2013 Summer Vol20 (2) Research
Lescheid David Fire on Ice: the Changing Faces of the Inflammatory Response 2013 Summer Vol20 (2) Editorial
Solomonian Leslie Examining Children's Vulnerability to Environmental Toxins and Strategies to Minimize Exposure 2013 Spring Vol20(1) Research
Cooper Jacqueline, Maxim Andrea, Kent Daisey Toxic Chemicals in Personal Care Products 2013 Spring Vol20(1) Research
Triendl-Dimitriu Alexandra, Vasil Adria Canaries in the Coal Mine: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Reducing Exposure to Household Environmental Toxicants 2013 Spring Vol20(1) Practice
Crinnion Walter J. Improving Indoor Air Quality: A Call to Action 2013 Spring Vol20(1) Research
Robinson Claire Don't Look, Don't Find: Health Hazards of Genetically Modified Foods 2013 Spring Vol20(1) Research
Pizzorno Joseph Persistent Organic Pollutants: A Serious Clinical Concern 2013 Spring Vol20(1) Editorial
Lloyd Iva Naturopathic Notes 2013 Spring Vol20(1) Editor's Letter
Casteels Brian, Lanigan Aisling, Haldane Jessa Chronic Pesticide Exposure in Farming Risks and Solutions 2012 Fall Vol12(3) Research
de Peiza Patrice Lightening the Load: Minimizing Risk of Back Injury in Healthcare Workers 2012 Fall Vol12(3) Practice
Lewis Elaine, Moscar Anthony, King Carly, Hogan Kelly Shift Work and Development of Chronic Disease 2012 Fall Vol12(3) Reserach
Greenspan Olivia, Rawji Alisha, Sangiuliano Jessica, Sutter Shannon Female Healthcare Workers and Fertility: Risks and Mitigating Factors 2012 Fall Vol12(3) Reserach
Tokiwa Jonathon Rescue 911: Responding to Our First Responders 2012 Fall Vol12(3) Research
Deane Taryn Aircrew Health Risks and Regulating Melatonin Synthesis 2012 Fall Vol12(3) Research
Lloyd Iva, Wales Pat In-Office Lab Tests, Diagnostic Testing and Assessment Tools: A Review 2012 Summer Vol19(2) Review
Dempster John Functional Medicine Blood Testing in Naturopathic Practice 2012 Summer Vol19(2) Practice
Lloyd Iva Cardiac and Diabetic Biomarkers 2012 Summer Vol19(2) Practice
Trevorrow Marianne, Marsden Tracy Food Allergies and Sensitivities: Observing the Complete Picture 2012 Summer Vol19(2) Practice
Sangiuliano Jessica, Mehta Rishi, Bennett Emily, Lanigan Aisling Medical Imaging: Reasons, Benefits and Risks 2012 Summer Vol19(2) Practice
Crinnion Walter The Changing Faces of Lead-Induced Health Problems 2012 Spring Vol19(1) Editorial
Masur LC "No Lead is God Lead" - Towards a lower threshold for the diagnosis of lead poisoning 2012 Spring Vol19(1) Research
Lloyd Iva The Impact of Food Intolerances and Lead on Cognitive Function 2012 Spring Vol19(1) Case Study
Trevorrow Marrianne The Pediatric Lead Labyrinth: a 2012 ND Update 2012 Spring Vol19(1) Research
Clack Scott Lead in the Elderly: normal aging or premature effects of a heavy metal? 2012 Spring Vol19(1) Research
Patrick Lyn Lead Toxicity Causes and Effects 2012 Spring Vol19(1) Research
Marier Denis "What Will it Take? The Effects of Cultural and Socioeconomic Status on Health 2011 Fall Vol18(3)
van Loon Isis "Dr. Jeanne Paul, ND Medicine Woman 2011 Fall Vol18(3)
Areste Que Working as a Naturopathic Doctor with the Transgender Population 2011 Fall Vol18(3)
May Urszula Developing Cultural Competence: supporting lesbian and bisexual women in the process of conception 2011 Fall Vol18(3)
McCarthy Johanne The Context of Aboriginal Health in Canada 2011 Fall Vol18(3)
Hillier Jennifer Working as a Naturopathic Doctor within a Community Healthcare Setting 2011 Fall Vol18(3)
Toomasi Christine, Alschuler Lise Excipients in Dietary Supplements: The 'Other Ingredients' 2011 Summer Vol18(2)
Eichelsdoerfer Petra Pharmaceutical excipients as possible adverse reaction triggers 2011 Summer Vol18(2)
Garilli Bianca Treat Your Supplement Delivery System Like You Do Your Patients...Individually 2011 Summer Vol18(2)
Friedman Michael Botanical Extraction: An Insider's Look 2011 Summer Vol18(2)
St-Onge Marc Omega-3 Oxidative Stability: An overview of lipid oxidation and its relevance to product quality, patient compliance and clinical outcomes 2011 Summer Vol18(2)
Lloyd Iva, Wilmes Stephan Chemicals in Personal Care Products 2011 Summer Vol18(2)
Posen Eric Maintaining Ownership Over Physical Medicine 2011 Spring Vol18(1)
Lloyd Iva, McCulloch Natalie The Backbone of Good Health 2011 Spring Vol18(1)
Buratovich Nick Posture as a Key Health Determinant 2011 Spring Vol18(1)
Bearss Caroline Physician Heal Thyself: Walking the Talk of EMF-RF 2010 Fall Vol17(3)
Bearss Caroline The Evolving Picture of EMR and Its Biological Effects 2010 Fall Vol17(3)
Kennedy Deborah An Invisible Web of Energy: The impact of radiofrequency/microwave technology on our health 2010 Fall Vol17(3)
Trevorrow Marianne Are cell phones actually safe for our children? Or for us? 2010 Fall Vol17(3)
McKinney Neil Staying Well When a Family Member is Chronically Ill 2010 Summer Vol17(2)
Rebellato Nancy Recognizing, Preventing, and Treating Elder Abuse 2010 Summer Vol17(2)
Parmar Bobby Relatively Stressful: Is Your Family Making You Sick or Helping You Heal? 2010 Summer Vol17(2)
Meyer Caroline, Solomonian Leslie Fear and Parenting 2010 Summer Vol17(2)
Fortinsky Gary Mercury Amalgam: Tooth Saviour or Toxic Reservoir? 2010 Spring Vol17(1) Editorial
Dempster John Mercury: A Case Review 2010 Spring Vol17(1) Case Review
Ward Tawnya Mercury Exposed: The Physiological Effect of Mercury 2010 Spring Vol17(1) Research