Skin Lesion

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The apperance of abnormal changes, or lesions, in the skin is an important element in diagnosis and treatment.

Skin Colour - The normal colour of the skin depends on ethnic origin. Skin colour changes that may indicate an underlying condition or concern include: paleness, yellowness, redness, purple discolouration, brown spots, black spots or areas of skin.
Primary Lesions are the earliest changes to appear and include macule or patch, papule, plaque, nodule, pustule, vesicle, bulla, wheal or hive.
Secondary Lesions result either from the development of primary lesions or from manipulation of the primary lesion. They include scales, crust, erosion, ulcer, fissure, atrophy and scar.
Other Skin Lesions include excoriation, comedo, milia, cyst, burrow, lichenification, telangiectasia, petechiae, purpura and acanthosis.
Other characteristics associated with the skin include: dry skin, hyperpigmentation, tone and texture of the skin.