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Author Title Journal Type
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Rao, Nancy Plant-Based Proteins Necessary for Healthy Bones April 2013 Natural Medicine [2] Abstracts & Commentary
Appleton, Jeremy Frankincense's Efficacy in Treating Osteoarthritis April 2013 Natural Medicine [3] Peer-Reviewed Articles
Schor Jacob Prunes May Prevent and Reverse Osteoporotic Bone Loss 2012 July Natural Medicine [4] Abstract
Benda William Warm "Hay Baths" for Osteoarthritis 2012 May Natural Medicine [5] Abstract
Rade Bryan Recalcitrant Bilateral Osteoarthritis 2012 February;Vol8(2) NDNR [6] Review
DiPasquale Robin Three Cases of Gout 2011 December NDNR
Tallmann David Tibial Intercondylar Eminence Fracture 2011 November NDNR [7]
Russo Sam Guided Longitudinal Percutaneous Tenetomy, A Safe and Effective Procedure for Treating Tendinosis 2011 July NDNR
Skowron Jared The Arthritic Child Who Loved to Dance 2011 March NDNR [8] Case-Study
Tallman David A. Repair of Full-Thickness Supraspinatus Tear 2010 November NDNR [9] Vis Medicatrix Naturae
Swanson Mark The FOOT Plan: Osteoporosis Therapy Update and Outcomes 2010 August NDNR Practice
Tallman David The Articular Intraosseous Cyst in Osteoarthritis 2010 July NDNR
Kamhi Ellen, Zampieron Eugene Naturopathic Approaches to Preventing and Treating Osteoporosis 2010 November Natural Medicine [10] Peer-reviewed
MacKay Douglas Calcium for Strong Bones: Do Benefits Outweigh Risks? 2010 September Natural Medicine [11] Abstract
Schor Jacob The Influence of Quercetin on Exercise Performance and Muscle Mitochondria 2010 May Natural Medicine [12] Peer-reviewed
Schor Jacob Beer Drinking and Bone Density 2010 April Natural Medicine [13] Abstract
Collins Joseph J Efficacy of a Systemic Enzyme Formulation in the Treatment of Shoulder Tendonitis 2010 February Natural Medicine Abstract
Hudson Tori D-ribose in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Cardiac Disease' 2010 February Natural Medicine Nutraceutical Profile
de Peiza Patrice Lightening the Load: Minimizing Risk of Back Injury in Healthcare Workers 2012 Fall;Vol12(3) Vital Link Practice
Tsui Teresa Hydrotherapy Self-Care in Osteoarthritis: Cooperating with the Healing Power of Nature 2009 Fall Vital Link Osteoarthritis
Dunk Kenneth Arthritis: Manipulation and Physical Treatment Perspectives 2006 Spring/Summer Vital Link Musculoskeletal
Dugoua, Jean-Jacques Dugoua First-line and Second-line treatments of Arthritis - an evidence based review 2006 Spring/Summer Vital Link Arthritis
Loken Jason Differential Diagnosis of Polyarthritis 2006 Spring/Summer Vital Link Arthritis
Rahman Michael, Torres Nestor Mesotherapy-A holistic and not-so-new approach to managing arthritis pain 2006 Spring/Summer Vital Link Arthritis