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Belladonna is well-known for its usefulness in acute disorders and febrile condtions, but it is also used in chronic diseases.[1]


  • Plant: Atropa belladonna, also known as Deadly Nightshade
  • Short Form: Bell


The following are the main indications for Belladonna.[2], [3]

  • Acute Headache and Migraines with sudden, intense, violent onset, often right sided. Accompained by nosebleeds, throbbing, stabbing pains. Restless with flushed face, bloodshot eyes. Violent, rageful or very fearful, wants to escape. Delirious with pain. Pain often ameliorated by cold applications.
  • Cramps which are sudden and intense in the colon, appendix, etc. with inflammation. Sharp pains come and go suddenly. Hot, throbbing, distending abdomen. Flushed face, throbbing head, feverish, dilated pupils. Restless and anxious.
  • Dysmenorrhea with severe symptoms including a strong bearing down sensation, as if everything would come out. Flushed, bloated face. Pains before the flow, throbbing headache. Fury, delirium, desire to escape. Menses early, heavy. Bright red, hot blood, clotted.
  • Ear Infection with throbbing pain. Tearing pains, shoot down to the face, chin, teeth, and neck. Flushed, hot face and ears. Dilated pupils, glassy eyes, dry lips and mouth. Noises, ringing etc. in ears, hears one's own voice. Throbbing headache. High fever, delirium. Frightened or raging. Nightmares, wakes screaming.
  • Fever with sudden onset, after getting chilled or overheated. High acute fever with delirium. Bright red, flushed face, hot and dry skin, glassy eyes, dilated pupils. Dry skin, or sweats on covered parts. Few chills. Hot head, cold hands. Sore, bright red throat. Throbbing head. Child can have a high fever but plays normally, as if not sick at all. Thirst for cold or lemon drinks.
  • Sore Throat with sudden onset; burning hot, bright red throat, swollen and tender. Constant need to swallow, hawk. Feels constricted, plugged, suffocated. Choking spasms on trying to drink. Painful swallowing, worse from liquids. High fever; hot, red face, throbbing headache. Delirious or dulled out.
  • Teething with sudden symptoms. Throbbing pain, mouth is hot and dry. Burning hot, red face and eyes. Hot head, cold feet. Headaches, bores head into pillow. Grinding teeth, gumboil. High fevers, convulsions. Desires lemons. Biting, striking at others. Intense fears of ghosts, dark. Jerks during sleep.

Other common conditions: Abscess,Boils, Mastitis, Menopause, Measles, Hypertension, Acute Cholecystitis, eye inflammation, nosebleeds, Sinusitis, Cough, Colic, acute arthritis, hallucinations, vertigo


  • Triggers: changes in temperature, getting chilled, sunstroke or heat exhaustion, injury, drugs, hormonal insults or imbalances
  • General: sudden onset, high fever, intense symptoms including intense heat in the affected parts (yet hands and feet tend to be cold), bright red face, right-sided symptoms, bright red bleeding, extreme sensitivity to noise, light, and being jarred</u>
  • Worse: light, noise, jarring, motion, touch, aggravated typically at around 3:00 P.M., lying down
  • Better: sitting up in a quiet, dark room, bending backward in a semi-erect position, pressure
  • Psychological: sudden outbursts of anger, delirums and hallucinations common with acute illnesses, fear of dogs
  • Other symptoms: violent, throbbing headaches, red, hot, dry symptoms, eyes are glassy with fever, dilated pupils, twitches or jerking
  • Food and drink: great thirst for cold water or no thirst at all, desire for lemons or lemonade, sour food

Prescribing Considerations

Homeopathic remedies are prescribed based on homeopathic principles and after a detailed case taking. The prescription recommendations below are provided only as a guide. It is always recommended to consult with a naturopathic doctor or homeopathic practitioner prior to taking any homeopathic remedies, especially if your health is compromised or if your symptoms do not resolve in a timely fashion. The general recommendations for Belladona include:[4]

  • Belladona is primarily used for acute symptoms.
  • Must be repeated frequently in acute diseases.
  • Antidotes: Camphora officinalis, Coffea cruda, Opium, Aconite
  • Complementary: Calcarea carbonica
  • Incompatible: Aceticum acidum


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