Gemmotherapy Ulmus campestris (Elm)

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Ulmus campestris or Elm is a tree that can live up to five centuries, and can grow up to fifty metres high. Its trunk is straight and slender, covered with a dark-brown bark. It has many branches that form a dense broad crown. The leaves are grow alternately, and are simple, oval, toothed, rough, hairy, and asymmetrical at the base. The fruits on this tree grow fast and appear in less than two months. It is best known for its wood, which is compact, durable, water resistant, and resistant to impact.[1]

Key notes

  • Kidney drainage[2]
  • Superficial drainage
  • Remineralising

Therapeutic actions

  • Drainer of the skin. Has an action on oozing, vesicular, inflammatory not yet infected eczema.
  • Provides kidney drainage and skin drainage
  • Detoxifies the body from the inside and reduces uric acid and cholesterol

Clinical indications


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