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The personal essence is a descriptive concept of a individual's vital or life force. Vital force is considered the primary force of all forces. It is the divine creative intelligence.


When the personal essence is strong and in harmony with the individual there is health. Imbalance, lack of harmony or coherence in the personal essence is a precursor (even an actual cause) of subsequent disease. The task for each person is to learn how to live a life that is aligned with the personal essence and learn 'the language of the body' as it manifests signs and symptoms of imbalance indicating a need for change.[1]

  • The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine declared that subtle energy or the invisible 'life force' is as much taken for granted as a fundamental fact of healing by alternative therapies as it is dismissed outright by the orthodox scientific world.[2]
  • The personal essence permeates the psychological, the functional and the structural aspects. It relates to our vital force, our sense of purpose, our spirituality and our connection with the collective consciousness. It provides a person with a sense of belonging to something that is greater than the self. The personal essence acts as a guide and a filter on a person's life. It holds a person's deep core beliefs and their values. It is their blueprint.[1] The personal essence is influenced throughout a person's life based on the stages of life and the events that a person has encountered. It reflects a persons:
  • overall vitality
  • beliefs and expectations
  • sense of purpose
  • a sense of belonging to something that is greater than itself
  • a guide and filter on person's life
  • a person's core values


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