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A person requiring Homeopathic Silica is typically refined, delicate and sensitive. They are often lacking in self-esteem and physically there is a corresponding sense of a lack of stamina or low resistance or strength.[1]


  • Origin: Silicic acid, also known as Quartz or Flint
  • Other Names: Silicea
  • Short Form: Sil


The following are the main indications for Silica. [2], [3]

Acute Conditions

  • Punctures by a foreign object. Removes foreign objects from the body such as splinters and glass. Splinters in eye. Bone puncture. Prevent, cures infection/abscess at site of the wound. Poor wound-healing and easy scarring. (Use cautiously in people with metallic implants, prostheses, metal plates, and breast implants. Use low potencies.)

Chronic and Constitutional Conditions

  • Scoliosis or any spinal curvature or calcification with an overall sense of weakness whether mental, emotional or physical
  • Abscesses, Boils, and Fistulas of the bone, joints, cornea, glands, tonsils, breasts, gums. Yellow or green pus; thick, thin, or bloody, often foul. Hardened boils. Abscess fails to discharge or pus continues and wound fails to heal. Gets infected easily. Promotes closure, scarring. Expels foreign objects and related infection.
*Breast Abscesses with suppuration, helps to expel pus. Hard, swollen, tender breasts. Thick or offensive discharges from the nipple with ulceration and fistulas. Fever. Inflammation and cracking of the nipples, burning pains. Breasts appear red-coloured in centre, rose-coloured towards the outside.
*Dental abscesses with weak teeth
  • Acne with pitting scars. Pustules and blackheads that itch and burn during the day only. Deep cystic pimples that do not come to a head. Easy infection, poor healing.
  • Scars and Keloids. Shiny, glassy, hard or nodular scars. Brittle bones. Tender scars with shooting pain. Old wounds re-open, discharge pus. Prevents or dissolves scars after infection and acne. Poor wound healing.
  • Headache with stitching pains. Tearing pain from the neck and occiput (base of the head) to vertex and eye. Rushes of blood to head. Easily sweats on head and hands. Poor stamina.


  • Delayed development or failure to thrive. Children that do not assimilate nutrition well
  • Vaccination Detox. After vaccination when abscesses, ulcerations, convulsions, diarrhea, fever, backache, nausea, frequent otitis or any chronic illness, especially of the lungs ensue. Child is weakly, thin or puny, with low vitality and weak immune health. Sensitive to noise, pain. Lack of confidence, of emotional independence.
  • Ear Infections (Otitis media) with chronic offensive pus or "gum ear". Shooting pains. Itching, tingling, worse swallowing. Stopped up with frequent popping. Roaring sounds. Hard to hear voices, sensitive to loud noise.

Other common conditions: Arthritis, Allergies (tendency towards), Constipation, Milk Intolerance, Mental Fatigue, Sinusitis, Weak wrists


  • Triggers: drafts of cold air, overexcitement, overstudy, vaccination
  • General: weakness and fatigue, low stamina and energy, perspiration of the head, refined temperament, low immunity with frequent colds and flus, chilly, startled by noise, delicate features like a porcelain doll
  • Worse: suppressed perspiration, after vaccination, cold weather and drafts
  • Better: warmth
  • Psychological: shy and timid, compensates by being stubborn, rigid and fastidious; low self-esteem (lacks courage and dreads failure); concerned about other's opinions, anxiety over small details, stage-fright.
  • Other symptoms: bad-smelling or sour perspiration especially from the feet, weakness and problems of the nails and teeth, swollen lymph glands often with pus, sweats on the scalp during sleep, pitting acne
  • Food and drink: desire for eggs and sweets, aversion to fat and milk

Prescribing Considerations

Homeopathic remedies are prescribed based on homeopathic principles and after a detailed case taking. The prescription recommendations below are provided only as a guide. It is always recommended to consult with a naturopathic doctor or homeopathic practitioner prior to taking any homeopathic remedies, especially if your health is compromised or if your symptoms do not resolve in a timely fashion. The general recommendations for Silica include:[4]

  • Complementary: Thuja, Sanic, Pulsatilla, Fluor. ac. Mercurius and Silica do not follow each other well.
  • Compare: Black Gunpowder (Abscesses, boils, carbuncles, limb purple. Wounds that refuse to heal, accident from bad food or water), Hepar sulphuris, Kali phos., Picricum acidum, Calcarea carbonica, Phosphorus, Tabasheer, Natrum silicum (tumours, hemophilia, arthritis), Ferrum cyanatum (epilepsy, neuroses with irritable weakness and hyper-sensitiveness, especially of a periodical character), Silica marina - Sea-sand - (Silica and Natrum muriaticum symptoms. Inflamed glands and commencing suppuration. Constipation, Vitrum - Crown Glass - (Pott's disease, after Silica, necrosis, discharge thin, watery, fetid. Much pain, fine grinding and grating like grit), Arundo donax (acts on excretory and generative organs; suppuration, especially chronic and where the ulceration is fistulous especially in long bones. Itching eruption on chest, upper extremities and behind ear)


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