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The following books were written on Naturopathic Medicine or were authored co-authored by Naturopathic Doctors. For a listing of other books on naturopathic medicine.

Author Date Title ISBN To Order
Albert Donald Patrick, Butar Ferry 2006 The Geography of Naturopathic Physicians: A Rising Profession (Mellen Studies in Geography) ISBN 978-0773459410 [1]
Allen Colene 2009 Handbook of Naturology Suggestions: Beginning One's Natural Healing Journey Natural Alternative Guidelines ISBN 978-1449511524 [2]
Allen Colene 2008 Welcome Back Little Child ISBN 978-1440473173 [3]
Alschuler Lise N, Gazella Karolyn A 2010 The Definitive Guide to Cancer, 3rd Edition: An Integrative Approach to Prevention, Treatment, and Healing ISBN 978-1587613586 [4]
Alschuler Lise N, Gazella Karolyn A 2008 Mushrooms: Ancient Healing Wisdom ISBN 978-1935297123 [5]
Alschuler Lise N, Gazella Karolyn A 2007, revised 2010 Alternative Medicine Magazine's Definitive Guide to Cancer: An Integrated Approach to Prevention, Treatment, and Healing ISBN 978-1587612800 [6]
Anderson Nina, Peiper Howard, Bell Rachel 2007 A.D.D.: The Natural Approach ISBN 978-1884820199 [7]
Bailetti, Katia 2010 Childhood Vaccinations - Answers to Your Questions ISBN 978-0-9782186-6-9 [8]
Bailetti, Katia 2010 Childhood Vaccinations - Making Informed Decisions (workbook) ISBN 978-0-9782186-4-5 [9]
Bailey Steven, Jr, Trivieri Larry 2006 Juice Alive: The Ultimate Guide Juicing Remedies ISBN 978-0757002663 [[10]]
Ballard Tom 2009 Nutrition 1-2-3: Three proven diet wisdoms for losing weight, gaining energy and reversing aging ISBN 1400483221 [11]
Ballard Tom 2009 The Last Quack ISBN 978-1441406132 [12]
Ballard Tom 2009 Pure Weight Loss: Patient Guide ISBN 978-1440487668 [13]
Ballard Tom 2009 The President is Down ISBN 978-1440491733 [14]
Ballard Tom 2009 Eco-Agent Man: The case of the vanishing moth ISBN 978-1449539092 [15]
Bennett Peter 2006 The Purification Plan: Pure Vitality, Pure Resilience, Pure Health ISBN 978-1594861314 [16]
Bharadvaj Daivati 2007 Natural Treatments for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ISBN 978-0275993740 [17]
Black Jessica 2006 The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book: Protect Yourself and Your Family From Heart Disease, Arthritis, Diabetes, Allergies - and More ISBN 978-0897934862 [18]
Black Jessica and Cummings Dede 2010 Living with Crohn's & Colitis: A Comprehensive Naturopathic Guide for Complete Digestive Wellness ISBN 978-1578263417 [19]
Bongiorno Peter 2010 Healing Depression: Integrated and Conventional Treatments ISBN 978-1897025-38-3 [20]
Boon Heather, Smith Michael 2009 55 Most Common Medicinal Herbs: The Complete Natural Medicine Guide ISBN 978-0778802150 [21]
Boss Angela and Sterling Weidman Evelina 2009 Living with PCOS: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome ISBN 978-1886039018 [22]
Brady David M. 2007 Dr. Brady's Health Revolution: What You Really Need to Know to Stay Healthy in a Sick World ISBN 978-1600370816 [23]
Brinker Francis 2010 Herbal Contraindications and Drug Interactions: Plus Herbal Adjuncts With Medicines, 4th Edition ISBN 978-1888483147 [24]
Bryan Mervyn 2010 Natures Healthy Lifestyle ISBN 978-1445776132 [25]
Carlson-Rink Cathy and Anderson Kenya 2006 Natural Solutions for Your Daily Iron Needs: An interview with Dr. Cathy Carlson-Rink, Naturopathic Physician ASIN: B000FT68FC [26]
Chaitow Leon 2006 Muscle Energy Techniques with DVD-ROM ISBN 978-0443101144 [27]
Chaitow Leon 2007 Positional Release Techniques with DVD-ROM ISBN 978-0443101151 [28]
Chaitow Leon 2008 Naturopathic Physical Medicine: Theory and Practice for Manual Therapists and Naturopaths ISBN 978-0443103902 [29]
Chaitow Leon 2009 Palpation and Assessment Skills, Assessment Through Touch ISBN 978-0443069352 [30]
Chaitow Leon 2009 Fibromyalgia Syndrome: A Practitioners Guide to Treatment ISBN 978-0443069369 [31]
Chaitow Leon 2010 Modern Neuromuscular Techniques ISBN 978-0443069376 [32]
Clements Dan & Gignac Tara 2010 The Practitioner's Journey: The Path to Success for Alternative, Holistic and Integrative Health Professionals ISBN 978-0973978244 [33]
Cohen Michael H, 2009 Healing at the Borderland of Medicine and Religion (Studies in Social Medicine) ISBN 978-0807830437 [34]
Crinnion Walter 2010 Clean, Green & Lean: Get Rid of the Toxins That Make You Fat ISBN 978-0470409237 [35]
Crook William, Dean Carolyn, Crook Elizabeth 2007 The Yeast Connection and Women's Health ISBN 978-0757000584 [36]
D'Adamo James and Hay Louise 2010 Just An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure: A Modern Guide to Healthful Living From the Originator of the Blood-Type Diet ISBN 978-1401927196 [37]
D'Adamo James, Whitney Catherine 2009 Change Your Genetic Destiny ISBN 978-0767925259 [38]
D'Adamo Peter J 2007 Aging: Fight it with the Blood Type Diet: The Individualized Plan for Preventing and Treating Brain Decline,Cognitive Impairment, Hormonal Deficiency, and the Loss of VitalityAssociated with A ISBN 978-0425212073 [39]
Dawahare Melissa M. 2007 House Call ISBN 978-1587369704 [40]
Dean Carolyn 2010 How to Change Your Life With Magnesium [41]
Dean Carolyn, Dmitriev Valentine, Raskin Donna 2009 365 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power: Tips, Exercise, Advice ISBN 978-1605500607 [42]
Dean Carolyn 2005 Death by Modern Medicine ISBN 978-0973739206 [43]
Dean Carolyn 2008 Future Health Now Encyclopedia [44]
Dean Carolyn 2006 The Magnesium Miracle ISBN 978-0345494580 [45]
Donovan Patrick 2006 Dancing with the Beloved: Resurrecting Divine Sexuality through Profound Relatedness ISBN 978-0977630004 [46]
Doran Lisa & Caron Lisa 2010 Bearing Witness: Childbirth Stories Told by Doulas ISBN 9781894997164 [47]
Dowd Eddie 2010 Traditional Chinese Medicine and Fertility Treatment ISBN 978-1907611056 [48]
Dowdell Joe & Kalanick Brooke 2010 Ultimate You: A 4-Phase Total Body Makeover for Women Who Want Maximum Results ISBN 978-1605296272 [49]
Dunn Jon 2010 The Family Guide to Naturopathic Medicine ISBN 978-0578051451 [50]
El-Hashemy Shehab 2007 Naturopathic Standards of Primary Care ISBN 1-897025-17-3 [51]
Friedman Michael and McLennan Alexander 2007 Healing Diabetes: Complementary Naturopathic and Drug Treatments ISBN 978-1897025161 [52]
Godfrey Anthony 2010 Deep Immunity ISBN 978-1926676784 [53]
Godfrey Anthony, Saunders Paul, Barlow Kerry, Gilbert Cyndi, Gowan Matthew, Smith Fraser. 2010 Principles and Practices of Naturopathic Botanical Medicine, Vol 1: Botanical Medicine Monographs ISBN 978-1897025260 [54]
Green J. Robert Jr. 2007 Natural Therapies for Emphysema and COPD: Relief and Healing for Chronic Pulmonary Disorders ISBN 978-1594771637 [55]
Hill Wanakee and Hill D. Michael 2010 Wanakee' s Nutritional Approach to Vitiligo & Other Autoimmune Diseases: A Naturopath's Personal Journey Toward Healing Naturally ISBN 978-1448686445 [56]
Hoffer Abram & Prousky Jonathan 2006 Naturopathic Nutrition, a Guide to Health Food and Nutritional Supplements ISBN 1-897025-15-7 [57]
Hoffer Abram, Foster Harold 2007 Feel Better, Live Longer with Vitamin B-3, Nutrient Deficiency & Dependency ISBN 1-897025-24-6 [58]
Howe Russell, Logan Alan and Bested Alison 2008 Hope and Help for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia (Second Edition) ISBN 978-1581826708 [59]
Hudson Tori 2007 Women's Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine: Alternative Therapies and Integrative Medicine for Total Health & Wellness ISBN 978-0071464734 [60]
Jensen Karen, Schuauch Marita 2010 The Adrenal Stress Connection ISBN 978-0986724718 [61]
Jones Daemon 2007 Daelicious! Recipes for Vibrant Living ISBN 978-1605306902 [62]
Jones Eli, Yarnell Eric, Winston David 2006 Cancer: Its Causes, Symptoms & Treatment ISBN 978-0974117850 [63]
Just Adolph and Lust Benedict 2007 Return To Nature: The True Natural Method Of Healing And Living And The True Salvation Of The Soul, Paradise Regained V1 ISBN 978-0548095744 [64]
Kassam Neemez, Gowan Matt 2009 Fundamentals of Naturopathic Clinical Acupuncture ISBN 1-897025-28-9 [65]
Kirschner Rick, Brinkman Rick 2006 Dealing With Difficult People: 24 Lessons for Bring Out the Best In Everyone ISBN 978-0071463331 [66]
Kirschner Rick 2007 Insider's Guide To The Art Of Persuasion ISBN 978-0615156316 [67]
Kodet Antonin 2009 Cook for Health, Healing & Vitality ISBN 978-0986489709 [68]
Laux Marcus and Block Melissa 2006 User's Guide to the Top 10 Natural Therapies (Basic Health Publications User Guide ISBN 978-1591201601 [69]
Lazarides Linda 2010 A Textbook of Modern Naturopathy ISBN 978-1450549929 [70]
Lewis Sandberg Steven 2011 Functional Gastroenterology: Assessing and Addressing the Causes of Functional GI Disorders ISBN 978-0977143511 [71]
Lloyd, Iva 2009 The Energetics of Health, a Naturopathic Assessment ISBN 978-0443069550 [72]
Lloyd, Iva 2009 The History of Naturopathic Medicine, a Canadian perspective ISBN 978-1-55278-778-6 [73][74]
Logan Alan C, Treloar Valeri 2007 The Clear Skin Diet ISBN 978-1581825749 [75]
Loken Jason, Ashely Cory 2009 The Letters That Moved the World ISBN 978-0-9812665-0-3
Lust Benedict 2010 Official Naturopath And Herald Of Health: Official Journal Of The American Naturopathic Association And The American School Of Naturopathy 1937 ISBN 978-1161605136 [76]
Lust Benedict 2006 Official Naturopath And Herald Of Health: Official Journal Of The American Naturopathic Association And The American School Of Naturopathy 1937 ISBN 978-1425495350 [77]
Lust Benedict, Boyd Anita, Yarnell Eric and Zeff Jared 2006 Collected Works of Benedict Lust ND, Founder of Naturopathic Medicine ISBN 978-1933350042 [78]
Lust Louisa 2010 The Practical Naturopathic Vegetarian Cook Book ISBN 978-1161605808 [79]
Manley Heather 2010 Human Body Detectives: A Heart Pumping Adventure Activity Workbook and Audio CD ISBN 978-0615372181 [80]
Manley Heather 2009 Human Body Detectives, The Lucky Escape. Activity Workbook & Audio CD ISBN 978-0615266770 [81]
Manz Hedwig 2008 The Art of Cupping (Complementary Medicine (Thieme Paperback)) ISBN 978-3131486011 [82]
McKinney, Neil 2010 Naturopathic Oncology, an encyclopedic guide for patients and physicians ISBN 978-1-894953-73-3 [83]
McKinney Neil 2008 Naturally There's Always Hope ISBN 978-1894953498 [84]
McLaren Tannis Simply Healthy Cookbook, your resource for healthy meals! [85]
McLean Radha 2009 The Green Pregnancy Diet: Healthy eating habits for mommy, baby and the planet ISBN 978-1440112294 [86]
Meletis Chris D, Zabriski Nieske, Rountree Robert 2008 Clinical Natural Medicine Handbook ISBN 978-0913113448 [87]
Meletis Chris D & Wood Sara G 2009 His Change of Life: Male Menopause and Healthy Aging with Testosterone (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) ISBN 978-0313360237 [88]
Mills Edward, Dugoua Jean-Jacques, Perri Dan, 2006 Herbal Medicines in Pregnancy and Lactation: An Evidence-Based Approach ISBN 978-0415373920 [89]
Mischley Laurie 2009 Natural Therapies for Parkinson's Disease ISBN 978-1603810432 [90]
Morley Carol, Lemieux Andrea, Kenny Kerri, 2010 Delicious Detox: Fast and Easy Recipes to Boost Energy and Improve Health ISBN 978-0986551703 [91]
Murray Michael T 2009 What the Drug Companies Won't Tell You and Your Doctor Doesn't Know: The Alternative Treatments That May Change Your Life--and the Prescriptions That Could Harm You ISBN 978-1416549338 [92]
Murray Michael T 2010 What the Drug Companies Won't Tell You and Your Doctor Doesn't Know: The Alternative Treatments That May Change Your Life--and the Prescriptions That Could Harm You ISBN 978-1416549390 [93]
Mushtagh Saeid 2009 Hypoallergenic Diet,(A Complete Guide to Food Sensitivities) ISBN 978-0978069001 [94]
Negri C.P. 2010 Naturopathic Treatment of Blood Pressure ISBN 978-0981988429 [95]
Negri C.P. and Gibson Randall 2010 Naturopathic Treatment of Emotional Illness ISBN 978-0981988436 [96]
Neustadt John, Pieczenik Steve 2007 A Revolution in Health through Nutritional Biochemistry ISBN 978-0595453405 [97]
Neustadt John, Pieczenik Steve 2009 Foundations and Applications of Medical Biochemistry in Clinical Practice ISBN 978-1440125355 [98]
Neustadt John, Pieczenik Steve 2009 A Revolution in Health Part 2: How to Take Charge of Your Health ISBN 978-0595532162 [99]
Neuzil Amy 2009 DIY Health: For Women: Because Nobody Knows YOU Better Than You Do ISBN 978-1441554116 [100]
Olson Scott 2008 Sugarettes ISBN 978-1439202760 [101]
Olson Scott 2010 Are Aliens Making You Fat? ISBN 978-1452849362 [102]
Pace Marie 2010 Discover Health: Natural Answers for Every "Body" ISBN 978-0984578443


Paquette Karen 2008 Stop Being Stopped: THE GO DOCTOR'S GUIDE to Unleashing a Healthier, Sexier You! ISBN 978-0595426041 [104]
Peiper Howard 2008 New Hope for Serious Diseases: The Healing Power of Glutathione ISBN 978-1884820885 [105]
Pizzorno Joseph, Murray Michael, Joiner-Bey Herb 2007 The Clinician's Handbook of Natural Medicine ISBN 978-0443067235 [106]
Prousky Jonathan, Hoffer Abram 2008 Principles and Practices of Naturopathic Clinical Nutrition ISBN 1-897025-04-1 [107]
Prousky Jonathan 2010 The Vitamin Cure for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ISBN 978-1591202684 [108]
Prousky Jonathan 2006 Anxiety, Orthomolecular Diagnosis & Treatment ISBN 1-897025-23-8 [109]
Purinton Earle Edward 2009 The Philosophy of Fasting ISBN 978-1117692821 [110]
Rothenberg Amy 2008 What Every Homeopath Wants Their Patients to Know: A Quick, Insightful Primer to Classical Homeopathy ASIN B002E3IHTW
Rouchatas Philip 2008 Naturopathic Lifestyle Changes: for Optimum Nutrition and Fitness (Naturopathic Health Guides) ISBN 978-1897025185 [111]
Rogers J. Sheila 2008 Natural Treatments for Tics and Tourette's: A Patient and Family Guide ISBN 978-1556437472 [112]
Sarris Jerome, Wardle Jon, 2010 Clinical Naturopathy: An evidence-based guide to practice ISBN 978-0729539265 [113]
Semple Jane 2006 Influenza: Epidemics, Pandemics, and Bird Flu ISBN 978-1580544252 [114]
Semple Jane 2007 Alzheimer Disease: A Naturopathic Approach ISBN 978-1580541060 [115]
Semple Jane 2007 HPV and Cervical Dysplasia: A Naturopathic Approach ISBN 978-1580544634 [116]
Semple Jane 2007 Parkinson Disease: A Naturopathic Approach ISBN 978-1580544597 [117]
Semple Jane 2007 Fertility: A Naturopathic Approach ISBN 978-1580544665 [118]
Semple Jane 2008 Blood Pressure: A Naturopathic Approach ISBN 978-1580541077 [119]
Semple Jane 2007 Cholesterol and Inflammation: A Naturopathic Approach ISBN 978-1580541084 [120]
Skowron Jared, Baral Matthew 2009 Fundamentals of Naturopathic Pediatrics ISBN 978-1897025338 [121]
Smith Fraser 2008 An Introduction to Principles & Practices of Naturopathic Medicine ISBN 1-897025-25-4 [122]
Stargrove Mitchell Bebel, Treasure Jonathan, McKee Dwight 2007 Herb, Nutrient and Drug Interactions: Clinical Implications and Therapeutic Strategies ISBN 978-0323029643 [123]
Stengler Mark 2010 The Natural Physician's Healing Therapies: Proven Remedies Medical Doctors Don't Know ISBN 9780735204447 [124]
Teta Jade, Teta Keoni 2010 The New ME Diet: Eat More, Work Out Less and Actually Lose Weight While You Rest ISBN 9780061834882 [125]
Tips Jack Dr. 2008 Conquer Candida and Restore Your Immune System: A Guide to the Naturopathic Science of Healing ISBN 978-0929167008 [126]
Turner Natasha 2010 The Hormone Diet: A 3-Step Program to Help you Lose Weight, Gain Strength & Live Younger Longer ISBN 978-1605294025 [127]
Turner Natasha 2009 The Hormone Diet' Lose Fat. Gain Strength. Live Younger Longer ISBN 978-0-307-35648-2 [128]
Vasquez Alex 2010 Chiropractic Management of Chronic Hypertension (Primary High Blood Pressure): An Evidence-based Patient-Centered Monograph for Integrative Clinicians ISBN 978-0975285848 [129]
Vasquez Alex 2009 Chiropractic and Naturopathic Mastery of Common Clinical Disorders ISBN 978-0975285893 [130]
Vasquez Alex 2006 Integrative Rheumatology: Concepts, Algorithms, and Therapeutics ISBN 978-0975285817 [131]
Vasey Christopher 2009 The Naturopathic Way: How to Detox, Find Quality Nutrition and Restore Your Acid-Alkaline Balance ISBN 978-1594772603 [132]
Vasey Christopher 2006 The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health: Restore your Health by Creating pH Balance in Your Diet ISBN 978-1594771545 [133]
Vasey Christopher 2006 The Water Prescription: For Health, Vitality & Rejuvenation ISBN 978-1594770951 [134]
Wellman Ryan 2010 Peyronie's Disease Natural Treatments and Cures ISBN 978-1452869353 [135]
Yarnell Eric, Abascal Kathy, Rountree Robert 2009 Clinical Botanical Medicine: Revised & Expanded ISBN 978-0913113462 [136]
Zampieron E, Kamihi, E 2006 Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Arthritis: Reverse Underlying Causes of Arthritis With Clinically Proven Alternative Therapies ISBN 978-1587612589 [137]
Zeff L. Jared, Snider Pamela, Pizzorno E. Joseph and Sensenig James 2007 Naturopathic Medicine: Philosophy and Clinical Theory ISBN 978-0443066788 [138]